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Sisters of Freedom, September 16, 8PM, Music Hall at Fair Park

September 16 2017
8:00 pm

Show times may vary, Buy Tickets to pick times.

“Sisters of Freedom” is a chilling and comical story of a group of fun-loving ladies and their unfortunate time spent in a Texas Federal Prison and how each of their stories evolve. The love and sometimes backstabbing moments will bring smiles and sometimes, gut-wrenching laughter to the audience.

“Bailey Bush” is the main character and group leader of the facility. We will follow her journey of how she lived, before her incarceration and during her time incarcerated, all accompanied with music and chill-bump singing throughout the production. It will have you humming the songs, in the car, on your way home and the script is adapted and directed by Mr. Shelly Garrett, better known as “The Godfather of Urban Theatre,” who was also inducted into the Smithsonian National Museum of African American
History and Culture.

Don’t miss this very entertaining production, while it hits Dallas for one exciting performance.

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