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Shelly Garrett’s BEAUTY SHOP

Shelly Garret's Beauty Shop, Music Hall at Fair Park, November 23 -26

November 24 2017
8:00 pm

Show times may vary, Buy Tickets to pick times.

PITTSBURGH TRIBUNE – “Shelly Garrett’s BEAUTY SHOP stage play is full of laughter. It is just plain fun.”

LOS ANGELES TIMES – “Theatrical Producer Shelly Garrett has created a burst of activity in this city and the urban theatre scene in Los Angeles has been buzzing ever since. Every African-American playwright and director we spoke with credits Shelly Garrett for this successful activity.”

NEW YORK POST – “Shelly Garrett, producer, writer and director is happy his theatrical comedy stage plays are sold-out hits across the country and now he has virtually taken-over our city.”

WASHINGTON POST – “All we can say is Shelly Garrett productions are unlike any others, and that’s a really good thing, especially for him.

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER – “Shelly Garrett has changed the way this city attends plays. In other words, the urban audiences never did, until his productions began coming to town. Without a doubt, Philadelphia loves Shelly Garrett and his theatrical stage play “BEAUTY SHOP.”

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